What happens when you type holbertonschool.com in your browser and press Enter.


URL locator

  • Protocol scheme: this section of the url tells what kind of protocol is been used to transfer the information. HTTPS belongs to hypertext transfer protocol secure but there is also protocols like http, ftp and more. The most used is the https that is encrypted transfer protocol that gives secure transfer of the information end to end using SSL that uses a set of public and private keys to encrypt the information.
  • Domain: this section is the name of our page, this name is unique on the entire web and is pointing to our server. this domain is represented for an unique IP(internet protocol) address that allows us to send the request to our server.
  • Subdomain: this section tells what part of the domain we are accessing for example a domain can contain several services like mail.holbertonschool.com, doc.holbertonschool.com etc. so the submain is used to denote several instances of a domain.
  • TLD: this is the most generic domain in the DNS heralquical internet system. This servers are managed for internet corporations like Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which operates the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).



typical architecture of a server




Load balancer




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